32 Amazing Jobs That Involve Travelling

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If you love to travel then chances are you might want to find some jobs that involve traveling to fuel your wanderlust. These jobs are perfect for those of you looking to shun the classic 9-5 job and seek more traveling experiences almost anywhere your heart desires.

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While its tricky to get paid to travel the world, with few jobs offering the exact pleasure – there are many jobs which can allow you to travel more often either while working locally, or on the internet.

Some travel careers let you immerse yourself in travel topics all day like being a travel agent, others require you to work in different locations such as WWOOFing or teaching English. 

Then with others you actually get paid to travel by working as a tour leader or a cruise ship employee. So read on as we’ll tell you about 32 amazing jobs that involve travelling!


32 Amazing Jobs That Involve Travelling

"get paid to travel", "jobs that involve traveling", "paid to travel the world"

Hopefully you’ll get plenty of ideas below of jobs that allow you to travel and make a living at the same time.

1. Teaching English. Want to live practically anywhere in the world in an easy going job playing with adorable children all day? Teaching english is one of those great jobs that involve travelling as you normal spend half the week working, leaving the time to travel a couple of days a week.

Throw in holiday leave for longer breaks and you’ll have more than enough time to travel around the country you’re in. We’re currently teaching in China at the moment so we can fully recommend this one. Look at available jobs here.

2. Work as a translator. Parlez vous francais? Great well you could work as a translator then! Translators can work anywhere in the world but the amount of travel would depend on your role and which company you work for. If you have fallen in love with a particular foreign country you could move there and translate into your native tongue and try the expat life.

3. Volunteer yourself around the world. While we aren’t quite sure we believe in certain types of volutourism, there are plenty of good opportunities for you to volunteer your services with a bit of traveling on the side. Volunteering is a cool job that involves travelling as you get to give back to a community while still being able to see the local sites. The downside is you don’t get paid, but as your accommodation is normally covered, it can help you see a new destination for much less than you would on a trip.

4. Travel nurse. Nurses can have the option to work in different countries or to sign shorter contracts and travel in between each one.

5. Busker. Perhaps your the next Beyonce or your super fly at the guitar – if you have the skill why not try busking your way around the world. Steven’s an amazing guitar player and I had singing lessons growing up so maybe we could use this as a back up plan if we ever find ourselves broke in a foreign country. This would be one of the coolest jobs that involve travelling if you were a musician or creative type.

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6. Bar tender: This is a popular option for those wanting to spend a working holiday in Europe and requires so little qualifications you don’t even have to have experience bar tender. If you lack experience you can normally find that your local travel agent has a program to get you a job before you leave for a small fee. Experienced bar tenders have the option to show up and apply.

7. Start an online shop. Etsy is a great platform for creative designers but there are may other places to sell what you’ve made including starting your own online store. If your designs are popular and you can automate much of the process you could find yourself with an amazing job that allows you to travel the world as you won’t be attached to a brick and mortar store.

8. Be a tour guide. This is a great way to get paid to travel the world as you are literally traveling even during your day job. With little barriers to entry this is a particularly good job that allows you to travel as long as you have a charismatic personality and travel experience.

9. Become a freelance editor or copy writer.  A great job that allows you to travel through the location independent nature of the work is becoming a freelance editor or copy writer. Write from your computer in the mornings/ evenings and explore by day.

10. Work at a hotel or resort. You’ll have to work, but during your down time you’ll get to enjoy the hotel facilities and the area you’re located in. Working in hotels or resorts are one of the better options for jobs that involve traveling as you can still grow in this career path and the pay should be decent depending on the location – being a waiter in Australia or an island somewhere = half decent pay, being a waiter in America = you better hope you get good tips – so choose your location wisely. If you have more advanced skills you could also work in a lot of different roles within the resort.

"get paid to travel", "jobs that involve traveling", "paid to travel the world"

11. Model. Are you ridiculously good looking? Sounds like a terrible problem, but if you have it you may as well use it to your advantage. Either you can go to a place where you are considered exotic and search for work, or join a modelling agency at home who offers exchanges at their partner agencies overseas.

12. Travel Photographer or Videographer. If you are ridiculously good at either one of these you may be able to use this job to get paid to travel. This one is very tricky to succeed in due to over crowding, competition, and the belief that creative work isn’t always worth paying for but if you are AMAZING at either of these you have a chance.

13. Get a sugar daddy. Not a remotely helpful suggestion, but I thought I’d throw that one in anyway *giggles*.

14. Freelance dive instructor. This is a great travel career as you get to do what you love anywhere that diving is popular. You will have to become certified to the dive instructor level to train other divers, but as a dive master you can take divers on dive trips (but you just can’t train new divers in courses).

Of course to do this job you’ll need to invest in some quality scuba gear, like a wetsuit, dive computer and snorkel / mask combination! These are a little expensive but its best to have your own scuba gear if you intend on making a career out of scuba diving.

15. Become a pilot. Not only do you get paid to travel but you also get to be in command of your own plane!


16. Web or graphic design. There are so many web designers out there these days but with the internet getting more and more important in our every day lives there are still lots of opportunities. While this isn’t classically a job that allows you to travel if you freelance you can do everything you need from a solid internet connection – leaving you with the ability to be relatively location independent.

17. Work as a ski instructor. Winter hop around the world chasing ski jobs in a different country as often as you like. This has to be one of the best jobs involving travel for snow bunnies.

18. Is trading your forte? Perhaps you could try your hand at day trading if you have a skill for it. A little risky but if you do a lot of training or just have a natural knack for it who knows, you could be trading from all corners of the globe

19. Skydiving Instructor: Another travel career that allows you to get paid to travel anywhere in the world as skydiving is everywhere.

20. Join the mile high club, or just become a flight attendant – much more respectable. As a flight attendant you’ll get to fly all over the world which sounds pretty amazing as long as you aren’t afraid of flying.

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21. Freelance as a masseuse while you travel. If you’re a master with your hands it might be time to become a trained, traveling masseuse! This could be an awesome job that involves traveling as you could travel almost anywhere!

22. Find a business to work for with international branches and request a transfer. Lots of companies have international offices and like to offer their employees a chance to live abroad – maybe your current company does this already!

23. Work as crew on a yacht. If you have some sailing skills, you can work as part of a private crew on a yacht. You’ll spend some time working and a lot of time admiring the beautiful nautical scenery.

24. Work as a nanny or au pair. If you love kids this could be the perfect way to get paid while traveling – you’ll get to live overseas for a couple of months or a year while on the job and on your days off you get to explore!

25. Get a job on a cruise ship. Ever fancied cruising around the Mediterranean, then perhaps you could get a job on a cruise ship. You don’t have to have a fancy job to get employed – you can work as a waiter or a bartender as long as you have the appropriate experience. Not only do you get to see beautiful places each day, you most likely will have breaks in between each contract to explore more on land during your time off.

"get paid to travel", "jobs that involve traveling", "paid to travel the world"

26. Be a travel agent. Travel agents get great perks such as discount and sometimes even free travels. This is undoubtedly one of the best travel careers as even when you’re not traveling, you still get to talk about travel and look at brochures with your customers.

27. Fashion buyer. Fashion buyers, depending on the stores they work for, often get to travel while getting paid when they seek out new labels or styles for their employers.

28. WWOOF. Want to work on an organic farm in exchange for living abroad? WWOOF is what you’re looking for and is one of the quintessential gypsy lifestyle jobs that involve travel for those with a love of all things organic.

29. Build a large blog audience, youtube channel or social media following and not only will it lower your costs while traveling (if you have a decent audience) there are a ton of ways to fund your travels through it. This is one of the less realistic options as growing an audience is hard but if you get that sweet combination of luck and hard work, you just may be able to make a living as a professional internet personality.

30. Become a certified Yogi. Are you a certified yoga teacher? There are many places all over the world where you can use your skills to create your own unique way to get paid to travel.

"get paid to travel", "jobs that involve traveling", "paid to travel the world"

31. Sublet your apartment or rent out your house. While this one doesn’t necessarily involve travel it can earn you enough money and free you from your hometown to allow you to travel often. Renting out your house is straight forward but if you are simply renting, you can offer up furnished rooms to extra tenants for a weekly fee or offer the whole place up to Air BnBers while your away.

32. Affiliate marketing: If you are the bees knees at building affiliate sites than depending on how good you are you could become completely location independent – freeing you up to explore the world as much as you please.

33. Novelist: Got a best seller burning your back pocket? Try to get it published or self publish it yourself. If it does well you could have the best type of job that involves traveling –  one that earns you money while you sleep.

We hope this post on jobs that involve traveling gave you heaps of ideas to allow you to add more travel experiences into your life. If you have any other suggestions on other amazing jobs that involve travelling please let us know in the comments.


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"get paid to travel", "jobs that involve traveling", "paid to travel the world"

Written by Lexi
Lexi Forrest is an experienced luxury traveler who has a passion for scenic destinations. She's traveled to 25+ countries over the past 10 years.