7 Star Wars Locations You Can Visit

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7 Star Wars Locations You Can Visit: Star Wars is arguably the biggest and (some say) greatest sci-fi movie franchise of all time. Whether you like it or not Star Wars is a definite part of pop culture that has reached more than one generation.

This sci-fi series has a special spot reserved in many people’s hearts, as it’s a series a lot of people have grown up with, and fallen in love with the charm and charisma of certain characters. Whilst Star Wars is a fictional world, and transporting yourself into the Star Wars universe isn’t actually possible, you can visit the iconic film locations scattered around the world. 

So transport yourself to another world, and lose yourself in your imagination as you hop through each location fighting the empire, or joining the dark side. As Obi-Wan Kenobi would say, “These are the locations you are looking for”.

Read on as I share with you 7 of the many Star Wars locations you can visit!



| 7 Star Wars Locations You Can Visit |

Hardangerjøkulen Glacier, Norway / Hoth

oleksandrmazur / Bigstockphoto.com


The snowy, cold and bleak planet of Hoth, otherwise known to the locals as sunny old Norway! Hardangerjøkulen Glacier was used as the backdrop to the fierce fighting between the rebels and empire.

If you’re lucky enough you may be able to find the cave in which Luke Skywalker was dragged to by a yeti. Cross your fingers!



Chott el Jerid, Tunisia / Tatooine


Bumihills / Bigstockphoto.com


The famous Lars family homestead is a staple of the Star Wars universe. It’s almost as if this is the true point the journey starts. Best to visit this location during sunset, and stare off into the distance like a true hero about to embark on their journey all while listening to John Williams’s score Binary Sunset.

It may even bring a tear to the eye.



Redwood National Park, California, USA / Endor

Andrushko Galyna / Bigstockphoto.com


The famous forest which was home to the Ewoks, a lovable race who look like they would creep into your bedroom at night and silently watch you sleep with their lifeless eyes.  One thing the Star Wars locations manage to do quite effectively is transport you to another location, and this forest looks out of this world. The dense vegetation is surreal, and is a landscape photographers dream.



| 7 Star Wars Locations You Can Visit |

Yuma Desert,  Arizona, USA / Tatooine

ITL Photo / Bigstockphoto.com


The famous sand dunes in which Boba Fett and Luke Skywalker lock horns is close to the Arizona and California border. If you check out this location you may not find the giant sand monster hiding in the sand, but what you will find is a nice secluded area which is perfect for photography and an opportunity to dress up as either Luke Skywalker or Boba Fett and finally battle it out with a friend.



Villa del Balbianello, Italy / Naboo

Boggy / Bigstockphoto.com 


This is the one location in the list which you could pass off to the significant other as a genuine romantic location. They would be none the wiser that it’s a Star Wars shoot location while they are staring off into the distance over the lake and mountainous hillside, until you rock up dressed as either Anakin Skywalker or Padame.

At that point it may give it away, but who knows, maybe they’ll be into it.



Death Valley, California, USA / Tatooine

A_nella / Bigstockphoto.com


This dry, baron valley is the perfect location for Planet Tatooine. This location is almost a perfect metaphor for how it moulded the innocent boy Anakin Skywalker into the man which controlled the universe and brought death at every turn, Darth Vader.



Tikal, Guatemala / Yavin 4

While only shown for a short screen time of around 10 seconds, this famous Guatemalan location made its mark on Star Wars. Tikal, or Yavin 4 was used as a rebel strong hold.

In the small screen time that is shown of the location a rebel watches over Tikal as the Millennium Falcon prepares to land near the temples.



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