About A Scenic Find

A Scenic Find is a travel blog that focuses on scenic travel; predominantly vivid landscapes and impressive cityscapes. If it’s something you’ll stand in awe of the first time you see it, chances are you’ll find it on here eventually.

My generation have turned themselves into avid travelers, it’s so common among the middle and upper class now that traveling is almost seen as a rite of passage. Many of us grew up taking atleast one backpacking trip where we traipsed across multiple countries, which inspired us enough to keep traveling as we grew older, got jobs and settled down.

luxury travel blog

I started A Scenic Find to reach those who are outgrowing their backpacking years, but haven’t let their love of travel fade. It’s inevitable, eventually we get older and slumming it in a five dollar dorm room isn’t exactly on our bucketlist. We want to see things beyond the basic tourist destinations, splurge every so often on worthy hotels and see landscapes that remind us that we’re never too jaded.

In describing my style of travel I’d say I’m happy to rough it on transport most of the time in order to spend more money on nicer hotels and experiences. I’m not rich, but I prefer having touches of comfort in my holidays, so there’s definitely compromise. So honestly, this blog is part luxury, and part covered in dust after a six hour local bus ride.

I like to believe that the more we travel, the more we realise that we can’t see it all, and hence we start to hone in on certain aspects of travel we prefer. For me scenic travel is an area I focus on when I’m planning a trip.

I prioritise beautiful and interesting landscapes as the focus of my trips. I’ve given up the notion that I have to see every attraction listed in the guidebook just because it’s popular.

If you want to spend your annual leave visiting obscure mountain ranges then that’s exactly what you should do, letting go of the guilt that you still haven’t seen some famous tower you don’t really care about.


About me (Lexi)

I’m an Australian data scientist, hence the British English spelling, who is fortunate enough to have travelled to 25 countries so far.

In the past ten years I’ve lived in Australia, Mexico, Malaysia and China, where I’ve been able to travel frequently around these regions. My favourite places in these countries are the Whitsundays, Hierve del Agua, Langkawi and Jiuzhaigou respectively.

I guess I like water.

I also used to run a blog which nabbed me second place in the Australian Influencer Awards.

When I’m not traveling I’m hardcore into interior design, which mostly involves me searching for just the right shade of plum to add to our linen closets. I’m obsessed with florals, my pets and all the wonderful people I have in my life.

Lastly, I don’t like to overplay my achievements, but I may just make the guacamole of my generation.