Best Hotel In Seoul, Korea: Shilla Stay Gwanghwamun

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Where To Stay In Seoul, Korea | Shilla Stay Gwanghwamun: South Korea is a modern country which infuses the old and the new. The capital Seoul is a great example of the contrast of architecture between two different time periods. Around every corner there seems to be a momento to the past, which for those travelling to the country comes as a welcome surprise.

This way you’ll be able to appreciate the culture, history, and the story the country has to tell all while soaking in the futuristic vibe of the city. When looking for hotels in Seoul we chose to stay at the Shilla Stay Gwanghwamun (see latest prices here). We selected the hotel for its close proximity to the metro and the views of the surrounding area.


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where to stay in seoul, seoul accomodation, best hotel in seoul


The Room At The Shilla Stay Gwanghwamun

where to stay in seoul, seoul accomodation, best hotel in seoul

The highlight of the room was a toss between the stylish design and the view. We arrived into the room at night, and were immediately drawn to the fabulous view of the city. Seoul is a large city, so it’s difficult to capture all of it one shot, but the view we had from our room offered a great insight into the contrast between the old and new I previously mentioned. Since photography is a big hobby of mine this made it perfect as I could capture some unique shots of the city simply from my room.

where to stay in seoul, seoul accomodation, best hotel in seoul

For best results for taking night photography photos from the window I found it best when you turn off the lights in the room. By doing this it reduces some of the flare from the lighting on your photo. So if you’re looking for one of the best hotels in Seoul to do some night photography from, it’s a safe choice – perhaps check what view you’ll have with the hotel staff though.

Seoul hotel bathroom, best hotel in seoul, luxury hotel in seoul

We stayed in the standard double. The room is well kept, tidy, and rather stylish. The room was equipped with all the essentials, and even a few non-essentials like a kettle, fridge, and a television. We visited Seoul in Winter, towards the end of January with the temperature being a little chilly if you’re not used to cold conditions.

During the day the temperature was hovering around -2 – 0° Celsius/ 32° Fahrenheit while at night it dropped down to -10°Celsius/ 14° Fahrenheit.  Due to the way the rooms are designed, the cold from the outside isn’t a problem. The room was quite warm and cosy, and made good use of space.


Location Of The Shilla Stay Gwanghwamun

Where to stay in Seoul, South Korea

While the hotel has Gwanghwamun in the name, we found it to be closer to Jonggak station. This means that the hotel is quite accessible to the subway system, which is the best way of getting around Seoul. From Jonggak the central station of Seoul is only 3 stations away, being aptly named Seoul. Getting to Jonggak station is rather easy, as its only a quick 5 minute walk to the metro station. If you have trouble finding it, or would like directions to the station the friendly staff will be able to assist you.

Since the hotel is so close to the metro, this makes it perfect to be used as a base to explore Seoul, or for a quick day trip to one of the amazing areas surrounding Seoul.

Entrace of Shilla Stay Gwanghwamun

If you’re a little bit of a homebody, or you’ve simply had a big and exhausting day, there are quite a few restaurants along the street where the hotel is. On top of that, there are a few convenient stores to pick up some snacks as well. This way if you’re wanting something a little more western, or even if you want to try a few Korean snacks, the option is never too far out of reach.



The Staff At The Shilla Stay Gwanghwamun

where to stay in seoul, seoul accomodation, best hotel in seoul

The Staff at the Shilla Stay Gwanghwamun were very helpful and professional, as they were able to help us with all our needs. If your Korean is a little rusty, or non-existent, the staff do speak English, and are more than happy to help you. When checking in the staff were able to point us in the direction of several restaurants in the area, and gave us the Korean addresses when needed for taxis.


Breakfast At The Shilla Stay Gwanghwamun

Best breakfast buffet at hotel in Seoul

The breakfast at the Shilla Stay Gwanghwamun was quite good. We’re not shy about this, but we love olives. If there are olives available at a buffet, you have already won us over. If you’re not as much of a fan of olives as what we are, there are plenty of other food choices available.

The buffet combines elements of Asian and Western cuisine. There are staples available like eggs and bacon, but there are also other Western touches like waffles, cheeses, and cold cut meats.

If you’re wanting to try something a little different, there are also plenty of Asian cuisine options such as hot pot, dim sum, noodles, rice, soup based dishes, and Asian inspired salads.


Preferred Hotels


It should be noted that the Shilla Stay Gwanghwamun is a proud member of the Preferred Hotels & Resorts group.


Summary Of Where To Stay In Seoul, Korea

hotel accomodation in seoul south korea

When deciding on a hotel to stay during your time in Seoul, we can personally recommend staying at the Shilla Stay Gwanghwamun. We both enjoyed our stay at the Shilla Stay Gwanghwamun as we found the room to relaxing and comfortable, while the hospitality of the staff was quite warm and welcoming. The view from the rooms offers a great opportunity for some unique shots of Seoul, while the location of the hotel is rather close to public transport making the Shilla Stay Gwanghwamun the perfect base to explore all the mysteries of Seoul.


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where to stay in seoul, seoul accomodation, best hotel in seoul


Where To Stay In Seoul, Korea | Shilla Stay Gwanghwamun was written through 2 nights being gifted to a previous blog I owned. All opinions are my own.



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