Complete Guide: The Best Things to do in Colmar Tropicale

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Things to do in Colmar Tropical: Huddled amongst luscious green rain forest and intriguing French aura, Colmar Tropicale is a French-themed resort based in Bukit Tinggi, Pahang in Malaysia.

Colmar Tropicale is perched 2700 feet over sea-level in Berjaya Hills. About 45 minutes away from KL city, Colmar Tropicale is a fun resort best for those who seek a break from the big city.


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The resort is designed like a little village, and offers tons of exciting things to do in Colmar Tropicale for visitors of every age.

If you don’t have the budget or means to visit France, but wants to get a taste of traditional French life, Colmar Tropicale is the place to go. The design of this beautiful resort is modelled after the French town Colmar.

The resort offers French themed cafes, art galleries, lovely street shows, and other nearby sights and activities to its visitors.

There are even swans gliding in the moat at the resort’s entrance, and the knights in shining armor give the Colmar Tropicale an authentic castle vibe.

All in all, Colmar Tropicale makes a perfect spot for you to escape the city life for a long weekend trip, or even just a day trip. Read on to discover the best things to do in Colmar Tropicale.


Things to do in Colmar Tropicale

Check out the list below to know what kind of things you can do at Colmar Tropicale Resort.


1 The Main Courtyard

The castle draw bridge leads you into the cobble stone adorned center of Colmar Tropicale Resort. The main area houses different attractions such as a water fountain, wishing well, beautiful flowers and a graceful cuckoo tower, tailored after the Riquewhir tower of France.


2 Activities for little ones

Promising a fun day out for little ones, Colmar Tropicale is a kids-friendly resort. From children’s playroom to clown and street shows, arcade machines and a playground, kids are promised a day of excitement.


3 Japanese Garden and Spa

To get the taste of Japanese life amidst the French surroundings, head over to Japanese garden. It’s a good place to get a firsthand experience of the Japanese culture. The garden itself was built and designed by a Japanese architect.

Enjoy wandering the gardens and seeing the plants and waterfalls.  If that’s not enough though, the Japanese garden also features a traditional Japanese spa so if you want to unwind and chill, visit Tatami spa.

There is also a traditional Japanese Tea house for tea lovers. And if you feel like dressing up there are kimonos to rent for photographic purposes there.


4 Collect some souvenirs

There are cute little souvenir shops in the main courtyard if you want to shop a little and pick up some pretty handiworks and mementos. These will make perfect presents for friends and family back home.

5 Animal Zoo

Kids are sure to have a blast at the Animal Park. There are 200 rabbits, deer, and donkeys at the animal zoo, and you can get there via shuttle bus from the resort to reach the Zoo. You can even feed the animals and even enter into the area where the deer and rabbits are.


6 Adventure Activities

There are a few active things you can do during your time in the resort. You can go horse-riding, trek around the lush rain forest and you can even take it one step ahead by going mountain- biking. I personally love horse riding but didn’t get the chance to go during my stay.

There is water volleyball, swimming, a 6D motion ride and archery to enjoy. Flying Fox (zip line), Paintball, Rock-climbing, obstacle jumping are also available pending numbers.

There is also an 18 hole international Golf course nearby in case you enjoy playing Golf.


7 Watch the Sunset or Sunrise from the Tower

At the end of the pathway through the resort there are some stairs you can climb to take photos up high of the resort. If you’re staying overnight you’ll have this spot almost to yourself and can get some epic sunlit shots.


8 Savor the French Cuisine

It’s only fair to savor the authentic French cuisine when you are visiting Calmore tropical because this place has some scrumptious food joints.

From Italian street food to fine dining french restaurants, the resort doesn’t disappoint you. There was even a singer who went around serenading tables while I was there.

Taste test crème Brulee, French boulangerie and home-baked French bread and sandwiches for breakfast, or you can hit the buffet.


9 Sports Complex

If you were the 1% who enjoyed highschool PE class, luckily you can play recreational sports activities at the sports complex. The sports complex offers the following activities:

  • Badminton
  • Swimming
  • Snooker
  • Bowling
  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • Table tennis
  • Archery


How to get to Colmar Tropicale

Travelling Cost:

  • Adults -$14 (round trip)
  • Kids – $12 (round trip)
  • *Prices are subject to change*

A van runs from KL to Berjaya hills, and you can find it parked at Berjaya Time Square near the stairs that go towards Imbi station.

You can conveniently buy a ticket on the 8th floor of Berjaya time square, from the Taaras. Buy the ticket at the reception.


The Tour Timings:

There are three van trips going out from the Berjaya square, 10 AM, 1 AM, 5 PM.

Likewise, you can take either van at 11:30 am, 3 PM, 6:30 Pm to return to KL.


Colmar Tropicale is a place you don’t want to skip if you are interested in exploring a touch of Europe in Malaysia. It’s a reasonably priced resort with a ton of activities to offer for people of every age.

Plan a romantic getaway with your loved ones or make beautiful memories with your friends and family at the Colmar Tropicale resort.


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