Creating Your Own Country – How To Start A Country or Micronation

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Creating Your Own Country – How To Start A Country or Micronation: Creating your own country or micronation is the perfect solution to solving life’s problems. Ever felt as though you don’t have the prestige or honour that your deserve? Well fear not!

By creating your own country you can achieve these illustrious dreams and more! Why visit another boring country for your holidays when you can spend that time creating your own country!

This is a how to guide on how to start your own country. Depending on your resources and your backing, creating your own country may be just a little easier to organize than booking tours in popular tourist destinations.


Creating Your Own Country | How To Start A Country or Micronation

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The Basics To Creating Your Own Country – The Three Things Needed

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In the 1933 Montevideo convention on the rights and duties of states it was stated what was needed in order for a state to be considered a country. The rights and duties which a state must meet to be recognized as a state can be narrowed down to three sub categories – a defined territory, a permanent population, and a government.

If a state manages to meet these three criteria they will be considered a micronation. Once a state receives recognition from the United Nations will they be able to move past the moniker of micronation to that of a fully fledged country.


1) Permanent Population

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This is the easiest requisite to tick off the list. As long as you choose to live in your own micronation or country, will it appease this section. Even if you are the only person choosing to live in the new state, this will still be enough to satisfy this point.

It should be noted that the majority of micronations have either citizens or permanent populations less than 15 persons. The largest known micronation is the Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros with 210 citizens, while some of the smallest in terms of population is the Duchy of Prussian Britania and New Attica with 0 and 1 citizens respectively


2) Defined Territory

This is perhaps the trickiest element to negotiate to creating your own country. In order to be considered state not only do you need a permanent population, but the biggest thing is the territory for which your population will be based upon. Your country needs to have a defined border.

This makes perfect sense as how will others know when they are entering or leaving your newly created country. Also by having a defined territory this is an easy way to work out who is the rightful owner to any natural resources which may be abundant in the your country.


Where To Get Land To Form Your Own Country

In short you can either claim land which hasn’t been claimed before, or take over existing land. There are several ways of going about each option, with the option of claiming a  piece of land which hasn’t been claimed before perhaps the most straightforward option.

While this sounds easy, the problem is that the majority of land on Earth has already been claimed. Additionally there is no set limit on the size needed for the territory with the micronation of Sealand currently covering 10, 000 square feet, roughly the size of one fifth of a football field.

Please note that if you’re planning to claim a remote island, it should be noted that you’ll need to move at least 12 nautical miles away from any country. This is because any landmass which is in a countries waters for a 12 miles distance is automatically part of that country. So move at least 12 miles away from the coast.


Claim Territory

In this option you can either invade, or proclaim an existing claimed land as your own. In this respect two things can happen, you will either need to hope that the area which you’re claiming as your new country is of no use to anybody, so in short nobody will care if you claim it.

The second point which you’ll need to worry about if you go down this avenue is that if you proclaim another piece of land as your own, than there is the chance that you may need to defend that claim via military conflict.

While it may be a little more pricey, there is always the option to purchase land off of a Government for the purposes of forming a new country.


Build Territory

The other option for claiming land for your new country is to claim land which hasn’t been claimed before. While it is true the majority of land on Earth has already been claimed, the way around this is by artificially creating your own land.

This is the same concept as what is happening in The United Arab Emirates where islands are currently being man made by dredging sand.

The other option is to use a plantation similar to what Sealand have done. During World War 2 Britain created a fort as an early warning system to Nazi invasion. After the war the fort was disbanded and left in 1956, in 1965 Wonderful Radio London occupied the fort to air they’re radio show since the fort was technically in international waters.

In 1967 Paddy Roy Bates took control of the fort and declared Independence, and named the fort Sealand in the name of Terra Nullius.


Options For Creating Territory

The Seastanding Institute takes a leaf out of Sealand’s book. The notion behind the Seastanding Institute is to create freestanding cities in the water. These structures will be on platforms which are similar to the design of Sealand. By creating enough of these freestanding sea structures will the Seastanding Institute be able to create it’s own unique waterworld.

The other option for creating your own country is a little different since it’s not based on a permanent location. The Freedom Ship is the brain child of Libertarian Norman Nixon who wants to create the worlds largest ship at 1 Mile Long (4320 feet long).

To put this into comparison this will make the Freedom Ship 5x larger than any other ship constructed, with the projected total population of Freedom Ship being 50,000.

The current largest ship in the world the Seawise Giant/Jahre Viking is 1504 feet, while the Titanic was only 882.5 feet long. The project was supposed to be completed in 2001, with an estimated budget of 6 billion.

However the cost of building the ship has ballooned to 10 billion, with as of now the Freedom Ship is still in the pre-planning stage.


3) Forming A Government and Economy

The initial goal of your government will be to draft a constitution. From here you will need to form a government which is is capable of interacting with other nations and begin to form your national goals, justice system, and economy.  From here you can just about call yourself a nation.

Interacting with other governments can be either through written letters, email, or telephone. As long as your government has the ability to communicate with other governments, than that should be enough to satisfy this requirement for creating your own country.


Final Step To Creating Your Own Country

After you have established a permanent population, defined a set territory, formed a government and made a constitution, created an economy and have interacted with your neighbouring countries can you than call yourself a micronation.

To become a fully fledged country your state will need to be recognized by the United Nation as was done with South Sudan in 2011. Until you are recognized by the United Nations your state will only be known as a micronation, but if that’s good enough for you than go about creating your own micronation/country!


Word of Warning For Creating Your Own Country

In January 1972, the Republic of Minerva was created by a wealthy Libertarian by the name of Michael Oliver. The reign of The Republic of Minerva was short lived as in June of the same year, the Tongan government returned to Minerva to reclaim the reef.

The problem arrived when Michael Oliver was trying to fulfill one of the requisites for becoming a micronation – communicating to your neighbours.

The then Tongan president rejected the legitimacy of Michael Oliver and The Republic of Minerva’s claim to the reef, arguing that the reef belongs to Tonga. Tonga was backed by other South Pacific states who reclaimed the reef by invading The Republic of Minerva.

If your are going to create your own island, make sure it is at least 12 nautical miles away from any existing countries, or there claims to an island.


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