The Most Scenic Free Things To Do In Lima, Peru

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Lima is a city that you’ll likely be spending some time in during a trip to Peru. Whether it’s intentional, or a means to get to another destination within the country, a visit to Lima is pretty much unavoidable.

There are many free things to do in Lima which makes it an affordable place to visit. Two days would easily be enough time to see the sights before jaunting off to visit unique attractions elsewhere in the country.


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Most of the free attractions lie around the tourist-friendly Miraflores suburb so you may want to base yourself there. Here are our picksfor the best free things to do in Lima, Peru.


Wander the European-looking streets of Miraflores

Miraflores is a good place to base yourself. Not only is it home to a lot of attractions, the suburb itself feels very European and is worth a wander. The area near Kennedy Park, with its interesting architecture, is a great place to visit. Take some time to wander through the quaint alleyways with their European ambiance; it almost feels as if you’re in Italy.


Visit Parque del Amor with your love

Parque del Amor (Love Park) on the cliff top walk is a large park dedicated to lovers. The small area has pretty benches for couples to sit on while gazing out at the ocean view or taking in the El Beso, the romantic statue of a couple kissing, as the name implies.

The benches at Plaza del Amor are tiled with a pretty mosaic pattern and while they aren’t the most comfortable places to sit, they’re a great place to relax with your partner after a long walk.


Join a free walking tour

While many of the main sights are located in Miraflores, downtown Lima offers a whole other side to the city. Take one of the free city tours that are offered by a few different companies. My advice: ask at your hostel or hotel to see what company they recommend.

The tour guide will meet you in Miraflores and take you downtown for a tour around the area. There’s no need to book these in advance.


Visit Lima’s Cat Park

Cat cafes are all the rage at the moment. Lima has its own version of the phenomena: it’s very own cat park. Unlike most cat cafes which charge a bit for the experience Lima’s cat park is free.

The park, located in the middle of a busy intersection in trendy Miraflores, has roaming cats seeking human attention (mostly wanting to be fed). The groundskeepers put out food for the cats and they are all very friendly, happily approaching humansto sit in their laps and be petted.

We found we had the best luck sitting down and being quiet rather than standing up and walking over to the cats. The ones who sat down with us seemed a lot more comfortable and willing to stay longer.


Go to the beach

Peru does have beaches that you can swim in. While it’s obvious, as Lima lies along the coast, it’s an attraction often overlooked. Waikiki Beach is the one to visit. While the beach might not be as beautiful as the beaches of Thailand, those looking for a dip or to surf in summer will find it pleasant enough.


 Stroll along the promenade

Miraflores offers a beautiful six-mile cliffside walkway which. The views are epic and it’s a great way to get some exercise into your holiday. While the main thing you see here is the dramatic coast line you’ll also be able to glimpse paragliders going over the cliffs.

Maybe you’ll even want to attempt it yourself. Although paragliding is not free, watching is.


A workout with a view

Those who prefer a hardier workout you’ll find gym equipment scattered along the coast side cliffs. While working out you’ll have a killer view. Along the promenade you’ll find leg workout machines as well as jungle gyms suitable for adults and children.

If you’re after something a little different from plain old walking, but don’t want the hassle of finding a gym with a day pass, you’ll love this.


The Most Scenic Free Things To Do In Lima, Peru

There are a lot of free things to do in Lima, especially in Miraflores. While staying there may be a tiny bit pricier, it may work out better for those on a budget as you won’t have to catch taxis into the area to take advantage of the free things to do there.


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