The Ultimate List of Things to Do in Caye Caulker

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Caye Caulker is a small island off the coast of Belize that is popular with travelers. Despite being small, there are a ton of cool things to do in Caye Caulker – most options being based on the clear blue waters that surround it.

Some honorable mentions include swimming with sharks, watching the sunset and riding on bikes around the flat island. Read on to find what other things you can do on Caye Caulker.


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1. Enjoy the Split

The Split is the ultimate go-to place of Caye Caulker. Caye Caulker is diced in two parts by a slim body of turquoise water that is 50 meter across and is called the Split.

According to natives, the split was shaped by hurricane Haiti in 1961. It is amazing how something destructive has become a source of joy for many people. The split is where people go to relax, swim, sunbath, fish or whatever they feel like doing. It truly is the heart of Caye-caulker with its clear and twinkling blue water, full of sea-life. There are some bars on the side so you can enjoy some drinks, unwind and make new friends all in one place.


 2. Scuba-diving in Belize Barrier Reef

World 2nd biggest barrier reef is located in Belize and that is why it is a favorite spot for scuba divers and snorkelers. The waters are well protected and brimming with marine life. You can witness the versatility of marine life by swimming around the hundred of types of fish and other sea life. The experience is unforgettable if you are fond of sea life.

There are many companies in Caye Caulker that organize trips to Belize Barrier Reef. So go take advantage of it while you are here.


 3. Swim with Sharks and Rays

Swimming with Sharks? Yes, you heard it. This is THE BEST thing to do in Caye Caulker even if you want to skip all others. Now don’t be afraid, these sharks are innoxious and are called Nurse Sharks. So you are pretty much safe with them (just don’t provoke them seriously). The water is clear and you will also find stingrays along with Sharks.

Shark-Ray Alley is where you get to swim with Sharks and it is not far from the coast. You can easily find a boat to take you there.


 4. Watch the Sunset

If you want to see the soul of any place, watch the sunset there. There is something unique about sunsets that just sets your mood. Watching nature is never a bad idea. And so in Caye Caulker like many other things, Sunsets too are magical.

After kayaking or snorkeling, just unwind with a glass of beer at The Lazy Lizard bar (the Split) and experience most amazing sun-downing moments. If you are on honey-moon, nothing is more romantic then watching a sunset together.


5. Hire a Bike

Hiring a bike is a good way to explore the island and experience the local life. Cars and other vehicles are not allowed in Caye Caulker so riding on the bike is the best option.

The roads are pretty bumpy and uneven so make sure you wear the helmet and go slow. I found it quite easy peddling though and really enjoyed gliding around the island, stopping to check out the sights.


6.Spend the Day Kayaking Caye Caulker

Caye-caulker is a tiny island which is why it is ideal to Kayak around. You can easily rent a kayak or paddle-board from the island. The water here is calm and serene which makes it perfect for kayaking.

You can go to the Mangrove reserve at the northern end of the island to flex your muscles a bit. Don’t forget to fetch all the kayaking essentials before you set off.

And side note: you definitely want to put enough sunscreen on while you’re on the island unless you want to replicate my forehead burn.


7. Sunset Sailing Trip

You can either take a longer sunset sailing trip that will take you to other parts of Belize or a day-long sailing trip. You can unite the trip to shark-ray alley and sunset trip together. Cold beer, Rum punch, and astonishing sunset views are provided on Board.

Tip: you can only book your sailing trip when you arrive at Caye Caulker and not online.


8. Try the Cuisine

Fry Jacks are one of the most amazing food you will ever have in Caye Caulker (or anywhere for that matter). It’s a breakfast specialty here and you don’t wanna miss it. But be warned, it is pretty addictive too. The fried tortilla wrapped around fluffy eggs, bacon and cheesy goodness is something impossible to resist. Great way to kick start the day.

You can also try lobster a lot cheaper than back home, here. Apart from that there’s a ton of good food to be eaten including barbecue chicken and chinese dishes.


 9. Check out the Seahorses

One of the best and most unique thing in Caye Caulker is the Sea horse sanctuary. The sanctuary is situated on the west side of the island and is absolutely free. How cool, right?

At first, you won’t see anything special but some old pieces of rope and netting. But hang in there, once your eyes are adjusted you will spot the sea-horses moving ever so gracefully around the sanctuary. They are smaller then you expect them to be but they are indeed one of the most unique creatures in the world.


10.Rent a Hut at the Beach

Rent a room at the waterfront and enjoy waking up to the soothing voice of the ocean. Take a night walk along the beach, enjoy the starry nights or just put your feet up at the beach. Its a great option for those who don’t like congested hotels or hostels and prefer waking up to nature.


11. Dive the Blue Hole

The great blue Hole” is just that; great and magnificent. It looks extraordinary and is a dream come true for scuba-divers from around the world. A stretch of dark blue water encircled by shallow sea- green water looks astonishing.

But to do scuba-diving here, you have to be an expert and not a beginner. You need to have your advance divers license to leap into the blue hole.


 12. Night Bars

An amazing thing about Caye Caulker is that it has something to offer to everyone. If you’re a night owl and like to have a few drinks at night then Caye Caulker is packed with night bars and clubs.

“Go Slow” is a motto in Caye Caulker so don’t expect anything chaotic at bars but its a great way to chill at the bar with a beer or two. If you are more into dancing then there a few options for that too.


Written by Lexi
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