Where To Stay in Bovec, Slovenia: Hotel Sanje Ob Soci

where to stay in bovec, hotel sanje ob soci

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Where To Stay in Bovec, Slovenia – Hotel Sanje Ob Soci: When it comes to travel within Europe there are several countries which are always placed as a high priority to visit on most travel list, with those countries usually being – France, Germany, Italy, and the UK.

It depends on what you’re after from a holiday, but if you value beautiful natural scenery as much as I do, than Slovenia should be quite high on your list. In my short time in the underappreciated Slovenia I had the opportunity to soak in a little of the culture and atmosphere, but most of all I was able to see the amazing scenery on offer in the Soča Region.

If you’re thinking about experiencing this amazing part of the world I’d strongly recommend to stop thinking about it and simply do it! As the landscapes are insanely beautiful. I found the best spot to locate yourself for your Soča Valley adventure to be in Bovec, with the perfect cute hotel to stay in being the Hotel Sanje Ob Soci.


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Where is Hotel Sanje Ob Soci

where to stay in bovec, hotel sanje ob soci

Bovec (pronounced Bo-ves) is about a 4 hour bus ride from Ljubljana the capital of Slovenia. The small town is situated near the outer edges of the Triglavski National Park. Bovec is a very friendly country town where it seems as though everyone is all to keen to help strangers.

Though it should be stated that the town really is on the smaller side, as it only has a few restaurants and shops. There are 2 supermarkets available if need to purchase any supplies for hiking which is very handy, though once again the supermarkets aren’t that large.


One of the great things about Bovec is the fabulous views. From your hotel you’re able to have fantastic views of the Mangart, Kanin, and Matajur Mountains. The town of Bovec is located in the middle of the three mountains, which means that no matter where you are in the town you’re able to have fabulous mountain views.

best hotels in bovec

On top of the amazing mountain views there is the famous Soca Valley to see. This is perhaps the jewel in the crown of Slovenia’s natural scenery, with the area consisting of gorges and valleys, waterfalls, forest, and neon blue waters. There is a bit for everybody in the region as there is also caving, abseiling and rafting available to be done if you’ve got the energy.

Bovec waterfall


The Room

Where To Stay in Bovec Slovenia Hotel Sanje Ob Soci

We stayed in the Double Room. The room is outfitted with a double bed, bed side table, desk, bookcase, two cupboards, fridge, kettle, and a TV. Size wise the room is your standard hotel room, however what is quite surprising is the amount of furniture and hidden space which is placed within the room.

There are two cupboards which had more than enough space for both of our suitcases. This is great as you can move your luggage out of the way to open up the room a little more.  Additionally I felt as though the room was clean, well kept, and had a slight Scandinavian feel to it which I quite liked.

Wifi is available also from the room, with the wifi signal being quite strong from the room. We were able to watch a few movies and get a little bit of work done which is always nice.


The Staff

Where To Stay in Bovec Slovenia Hotel Sanje Ob Soci

The hotel is owned by a Slovenian couple who are quite warm and welcoming. In fact upon arrival we were given a ‘welcoming drink’ where we had a shot of a homemade spirits –  they had two flavours available mint or blueberry.

The welcome drink was a nice touch which cemented the fact that the hotel is family owned, and by you choosing to stay at the Hotel Sanje Ob Soci you’d be supporting local families. That notion alone should provide you with a warm feeling at night.

waterfall near bovec hotel

Needless to say, the staff were very warm, welcoming, and always willing to help out however they could. The owner even drove us down to a location to visit a waterfall which we thought was extremely nice.



Breakfast is not included and is an extra charge. Breakfast however is highly recommended as it may be a little difficult to find a store which is open early in the morning. We were in Bovec during shoulder season, and the few stores in town seemed to open at midday. So if you’re after a nice hearty breakfast before a high energy day, I suggest buying breakfast at the hotel since it’s easier, and it’s tasty.


For breakfast it consist of all local products. There are cold cuts of meat, cheeses, salads, fruits, breads, cereals, desserts, and even eggs if you’d like some. The staff will ask you how many and how you’d like them prepared.

For drinks there is tea, coffee, and plenty of freshly squeezed juices.

The hotel also offers laundry services. For an entire bag of clothing it is 10 Euro (prices may have changed). The clothing is given to you the next day. Worth considering if you begin to dwindle down to your last few pairs of clean clothing.



astrophotography slovenia

I’d been wanting to practice astro-photography for quite a long time. Practically from the moment I began to take photography a little bit more seriously I began looking into it, but I was never given the opportunity to try it. Or at least I should say, I’ve never been in a location to try it.


For astro-photography to work best you need to be in a location which doesn’t suffer from light pollution, so shooting the stars in a major city is out. However since Bovec is a very small town, and quite a distance from anything which could cause any light pollution it turns out to be the perfect spot to try it.

astrophotography bovec, astrophotography slovenia

I was quite excited by the fact that I could try it, and I have to say I found it to be very fun. It’s probably the most fun I’ve had taking photos for awhile. The fact that it was so easy to walk out of my room to a dark spot away from the hotel (about 20 meters) was very easy, and was what made me enjoy staying at the hotel even more. The ease of being able to take astro-photography. Very exciting!

For those who take astro-photography very seriously, or perhaps those wanting to try it, Bovec is a great place to start.


Special Note

It should be noted that it’s best to travel within Bovec with a car. It is possible to get around and see some of the sights without one, and simply catch a bus instead. However you will be limiting the amazing sights which you can see.

The major tourist spots which you’d want to see are all spread out and a car is needed. The area can be a little hilly, with walking times between some sights being in the several hours. A car is highly recommended to make your time in the area all the more enjoyable.


Slovenia is often a country which gets overlooked when it comes to travel planning for Europe. But for our short time in Slovenia I have to say I quite enjoyed it, it may in fact be my favourite country from the ones I visited. I found the country to be relatively cheap, which is always great. The people were very friendly, while the landscapes in Slovenia were amazing. But best of all, Slovenia, but more so Bovec seems to be an area untouched by tourist unlike other regions in Europe.

If you’re wanting an escape from the crowds of Europe and an experience which is a little more authentic, I’d highly recommend staying in Bovec and considering the Hotel Sanje Ob Soci. The staff were warm and friendly, while the just a on your doorstep there is three picturesque mountains surrounding the hotel. Bovec is a great place to unwind and recharge your batteries while soaking in some underappreciated parts of the world.


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